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Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges are Suited for Use with Gates and Vaults

Pivot hinges are unique hinges that are designed for doors that are undergoing heavy duties or doors that require special installation applications. For instance, you have a centre hung pivot hinge which helps you open up and close a heavy-duty door or any other access. Gravity pivot or double swing hinge allows a door to automatically shut itself behind whenever it is opened up. A double acting pivot hinge almost blends in and becomes invisible is used for door where you want neat finished products and a clear picture. These kinds of hinges are generally used in highly sophisticated places like saloons, offices and large companies and also massive workplaces where people prefer perfect architecture.

All the decorative part aside, when it comes to the study of the mechanisms of links and technical stuff for the hinges, it has been concluded that heavy duty pivot hinges are suitable for gates and vaults, that is, heavy duty and heavy load taking components. The explanation is as follows:

Pivot hinges are designed in such a manner that the pivot hinges can take in a rather greater deal of load impact on them unlike other normal hinges. When it comes to the normal hinges, they are made fragile and are not designed to take up as much load as the pivot hinges. Therefore, when you try and fix the normal hinges in place of pivot hinges, the normal hinge will not be able to keep up with the load that is acting on it. Internal stresses tend to develop in the hinges and s result they tend to break thereby damaging the hinge as well as the door. The pivot hinge unlike the normal hinge can take greater deal of load on it and tends to keep the door and frame intact and displaces the load through the desired angle.

Hence through this part of science, we can conclude that the pivot hinges are suited for use with gates and vaults as they are heavier compared to normal doors that are used inside the house.

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Various Types of Mortise Door Locksets Available Online

There are a number of mortise locksets available in the market today, coming in a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. They can generally be classified into two classes: Vintage mortise boxes which uses a skeleton key with a spindle or knob mounted into the mortise box, and Handlesets which have a large box assembly that connects to a knob or handle with an integrated deadbolt throw unit for added security. Older homes are fitted with the former vintage mortise boxes while most new homes utilize the more modern Handleset for added security and smoother operation.

Mortise door locks basically work by utilizing a bolt that goes through the doorframe into a mortise pocket once the key is turned to lock a door in place. This makes for a secure lock which is difficult to pry open.

A basic mortise lock set includes a lock body which installs inside the cut out in the door, the lock trim which comprises of the door knob, lever, handle set or pull, the strike plate or box keep which is installed into the door frame and lines the cut out where the bolt punches through to reinforce it, and the keyed cylinder where the key is inserted into and which operates the lock mechanism on the body. Modern mortise locks utilize the cylinder lock system while older mortise locks work with an arrangement of levers to operate the locking mechanism.

Mortise locksets come in a variety of designs from simple small knob or lever styles to full on mortise box arrangements with integrated deadbolts for larger doors for entryways. Vintage mortise lock sets are typically used for retrofits and repairs for older doors while newer handlesets are best suited for new installs as they require more work and a more complicated installation, which may not be suitable for older existing doors.

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Tips for Successful Installation of Bommer Hinges

Bommer is a popular brand of door hinges known for its quality build and durability. They are popular for their spring loaded double action hinges, which allow for a door to open and close in both directions for use in kitchen, hospitals, schools, and other institutions. But like any piece of hardware, the proper installation ensures that it functions properly and works as it is designed for longer. Here are some tips for a successful install of a Bommer double action hinge for your next project:

  1. When using double acting hinges, it is advisable to use 3 hinges per door. This works to provide better support and even loading which is essential for really large doors.
  2. When installing Bommer double acting hinges, locate the top hinge as close to the top of the door and never more than 3 inches away from the top edge.
  3. Locate the center hinge 2 to 3 inches away from the bottom of the top hinge. This helps reinforce and provide maximum support.
  4. The bottom hinge has to be installed 7 inches from the bottom of the door. This can help with the door operating smoothly and prevent binding or uneven tensioning.
  5. For proper operation of double acting hinges, the bottom hinge must be installed in the reverse direction of the top hinge. For adjustable hinges, locate the tension adjustment on the top side and for the bottom hinge, set the adjustment side down.
  6. As a starting point set the bottom hinges to a 1-hole setting. This usually is enough to get the door to open and close properly. You can then adjust the tension across all the hinges as needed or desired.
  7. Try not to tension the springs too hard for smoother operation and easier access especially for high traffic areas where people come and go through. Excess tension will also wear down the hinge mechanism and the door itself unnecessarily.

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Why Do We Need Roof Access Hatches?

Roof hatches are commonly installed to provide access to a building’s roof for the purpose of maintaining HVAC systems and other equipment that’s set on the roof. In commercial establishments, roof access hatches allow for easier installation or removal of huge equipment or its components. However, the advantages of having roof access hatches go beyond the aforementioned uses.

For instance, if you want to have a “green building” and have a garden on your roof top, you will need to install a roof access hatch in order to get to your greenery and maintain it on a regular basis. Having a roof access hatch can also be a safety feature if a flood emergency ever occurs. You have probably heard people getting trapped inside their homes because of flooding and trying to create holes on their roof so that they can reach their rooftops and be rescued from there. Doing this can lead to accidents and may even cause more harm than good. You can avoid this by installing roof access hatches. In the case of a flood emergency, you can simply open these hatches and get to safety.

Amazing Doors & Hardware Offers Roof Access Hatch

Roof access hatches come in a variety of materials, but the most durable ones are made with aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum roof hatches can be as long lasting as their stainless-steel counterparts, provided that they have been made to meet the highest standards. Aluminum hatches are also recyclable and they do not rust or corrode when they’re maintained and cared for properly.

When looking for a company to buy your roof access hatches from, choose one that will customize the hatches to meet your specifications. The frames must be fully-welded, and the hatches are supposed to be equipped with shock absorbers. Go for a supplier that provides roof hatch ladders as well so that you can buy everything you need under one roof.

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How to Clean Steel Door Louvers?

Louvered steel doors have slats that are difficult to reach, and this characteristic makes them susceptible to collecting dirt and debris. Cleaning these louvers may seem like a laborious task, but you can make things easier by following these steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get your cleaning materials ready. Most of the cleaning can be easily done with the use of a soft-bristled paint brush. If you don’t have one, you can just use a sturdy ruler instead. Wrap one of its ends with a rag (or a sock that you no longer use) and use a rubber band to secure the cloth or rag in place. The other two materials that you will need are soap and water.
  1. The next step is to dust the steel door louvers clean with the dry paint brush. Sliding the bristles between each louver will help get off dust and debris from the inclined surfaces. Alternatively, you can use the ruler with cloth to do this step if you do not have the brush. Insert it between the louvers and drag it across each of them to remove dirt. The ruler + cloth method is going to take longer, but it is effective nonetheless.
  2. Next, create a water-and-soap solution to be used on the louvers. This will help remove the gunk, dirt, and grime that have built up on the slats. To use the solution, just dip your paint brush or ruler with cloth into the soap solution and wash the louvers with it. Focus on the areas that are noticeably dirty and make sure to drag the brush/ruler from edge to edge. If you don’t want to be dipping the paint brush into soapy water every now and then, you can just fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray it onto the louvers.Stainless Steel Door Vents by Amazing Doors & Hardware
  1. After you have soaped the louvers, you can then rinse them with clean water. Don’t pour water on your door. Instead, just dip the brush/ruler into the fresh water and run it on every slat.

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Points to be Kept in Mind While Replacing Door Lites?

A door lite helps add light and perhaps ventilation as well, and allows light and ventilation needs to be met. It can also give a particular space a bigger and brighter feeling. Some door lites come with interesting designs, and some even have an internal blind to enhance privacy. A door panel’s surround insert is composed of 3-pieces: the exterior molding, interior molding, and glass sandwich. Over the years, door lites may wear down and need to be replaced.

When replacing door lites, you have two options—either you replace the whole surround component (glass and frame), or you only replace the glass frame and reuse the original glass. There are four measurements that you must take note of when replacing door lites.

The required measurements are the following:

  • Glass size – Width and height of glass within surround (get the measurement of the entire glass and not just the visible part)
  • Glass thickness – Thickness of the glass sandwich
  • Tip to tip – Height and width of the outer edge of the rim
  • Cut-Out size: Width and height of cut-out in door

Replacing an existing door lite is a relatively easy task, although it can get a bit complicated if cutting into steel is required. If you don’t feel at ease using a jigsaw, it will be best if your hire the services of a professional. Also, remember to be extremely careful when handling glass. Here are the steps in replacing an existing door lite:

  1. Remove screws from the existing door lite trim. Remove the trim from both sides of the door and remove the glass as well. It’s best if you have someone on each side of the door so that the glass won’t slip.
  1. Insert the replacement door lite trim in one side’s opening. Next, insert the glass from the other side and put the other trim piece in place.
  1. Install the door lite with the screw holes inside. Cover the screw holes with cap covers for a finished look.

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Tips to Clean Aluminum Vents Louvers Perfectly

Louvered vents are prone to collecting debris and dirt because of the hard-to-reach slats. Cleaning these vents may seem cumbersome, but the following tips should make the task easier:

  1. First, you have to prepare your cleaning materials. You will need a soft-bristled paint brush to do most of the cleaning. If you do not have one, you may just get a sturdy ruler and wrap a rag (or an expendable sock) around one end. Secure the rag or cloth in place using a rubber band. You’ll also need to have water and soap.
  1. Use the dry and soft-bristled paint brush to dust the aluminum vent louvers clean. The bristles will help remove dust from the inclined surfaces by sliding between each louver. In case you do not have a brush, you may alternatively use the ruler with a rag wrapped around its end and insert it between the louvers. The ruler and rag method is going to take longer if you’re going to use a brush, but it will still do the trick and leave the louvers clean and free from dust. Thoroughly remove any dust from between the slats.
  1. To remove the grime and dirt that has built up on the louvers, it’s best to mix up soap and water to create a solution. Simply dip the same brush into the soapy water and wash the louvers. Another way to do this is to transfer the solution into a spray bottle and spray the louvers with the soapy water. Use the brush to get off the grime and focus on noticeably dirty areas. You may also use the rag and ruler technique to accomplish this. The louvers will be just as clean, but it’s going to take longer.
  1. Once you’re done soaping the louvers, it’s time to rinse them with fresh water. To do this, just dip the brush or the ruler with rag into clean water and run them on each louver.

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