No More Mistakes with Double Acting Spring Hinges

You may or may not be a stranger to construction. If you are not, you know that while fixing a door, you may want to use a spring hinge. Using such a hinge returns the door to its original position without you having to slam it shut. If you are a stranger to construction, now you know what a spring hinge is.

Here is a brief introduction to the different aspects of spring hinges.

•Double acting spring hinge: This kind of spring hinge acts in both directions, allowing users to push or pull the door. Needless to say, the door returns to its original closed position on its own. This kind of hinge is also called a ‘saloon door’ hinge.

•Options in double-acting spring hinges: If you go for double acting spring hinges on a door, you can choose no mortise types, so that you don’t need to cut any part of the door frame while fitting them. Usually, these hinges are made for doors which are one and three-fourth inches thick. You get hinges which are not handed, that is to say, they can be installed on either left hand or right hand by opening doors to open up to 116 degrees. These hinges fit closely to leave a gap of a one-eighth inch only between the frame and the door. You can adjust the tension in the hinges depending on how easily you want them to swing open.

•Installing the hinges: It’s best to install three hinges on a door, two at the top and one at the bottom. There should not be a gap of more than three inches between the top of the door and the top of the first hinge. The second hinge should be between two and three inches below the first one. The third hinge should have seven inches between its bottom and the bottom of the door. When you have two swinging doors, it is good practice to reverse the hinges on the other door.

Armed with this information, you won’t be making any more mistakes with double acting spring hinges in the future.

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Author: Amazing Doors & Hardware,LLC

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