Bommer Hinges – How to Install New Ones

One of the most renowned names in hinges, Bommer manufactures the entire range of hinges used in all types of doors. Popular for precision engineering and quality of materials that are guaranteed to last long, Bommer hinges offer a finish that helps lift the overall look of the door and frame combination.  Highlighted below are some of the features and models of Bommer hinges, which make it a trusted mechanism on doors.

Spring hinges for precision alignment and heavy duty cycle

With a Bommer spring hinge, users can be assured of a long lasting mechanism, expected to last more than one million cycles.  Certified as Grade 1, these hinges are made of the finest materials, with a level of precision that ensures perfect alignment of the pivot point with the butt. This is probably one of the most important aspects of the spring hinge. The whole mechanism is thoughtfully made available with adjustable tools, locking pins and screws etc.  The mechanism permits the user to preset the speed of movement of self-closure of the door.

Pivot hinges with superior brass finish for elegance

Some doors open only inwards or outwards, while others swing in both directions. Each has its own segment of use. Doors that are non-handed, and swing in both directions are convenient to use in locations like lavatories or gate doors, or in locations with quick movement.  Bommer pivot hinges are mounted on the door jamb and afford smooth, seamless movement.  Supporting a weight of around 50 lbs, for doors that are around 30 inches wide, these pivot hinges will operate trouble for long. The full kit includes high quality bolts for the jam bracket.

Traditional Use of hinges with high reliability

Butt hinges are the traditional hinges found in most doors, especially in residences, where the door opens only one way. Generally consisting of the usual five knuckle and button design, these hinges are manufactured from high quality steel. Available with matching high quality steel screws, and fitted with a superior pin, these hinges are certified and conform to the highest standards.  When the choice is for installation of a cost effective and durable option, these butt hinges will be a good choice.

Bommer manufactures hinges are available in different models of mechanisms to suit every need. The best materials in combination with precision engineering and high standards give an assurance of effortless, and smooth functioning with a prolonged duty cycle.

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