Why Do We Need Roof Access Hatches?

Roof hatches are commonly installed to provide access to a building’s roof for the purpose of maintaining HVAC systems and other equipment that’s set on the roof. In commercial establishments, roof access hatches allow for easier installation or removal of huge equipment or its components. However, the advantages of having roof access hatches go beyond the aforementioned uses.

For instance, if you want to have a “green building” and have a garden on your roof top, you will need to install a roof access hatch in order to get to your greenery and maintain it on a regular basis. Having a roof access hatch can also be a safety feature if a flood emergency ever occurs. You have probably heard people getting trapped inside their homes because of flooding and trying to create holes on their roof so that they can reach their rooftops and be rescued from there. Doing this can lead to accidents and may even cause more harm than good. You can avoid this by installing roof access hatches. In the case of a flood emergency, you can simply open these hatches and get to safety.

Amazing Doors & Hardware Offers Roof Access Hatch

Roof access hatches come in a variety of materials, but the most durable ones are made with aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum roof hatches can be as long lasting as their stainless-steel counterparts, provided that they have been made to meet the highest standards. Aluminum hatches are also recyclable and they do not rust or corrode when they’re maintained and cared for properly.

When looking for a company to buy your roof access hatches from, choose one that will customize the hatches to meet your specifications. The frames must be fully-welded, and the hatches are supposed to be equipped with shock absorbers. Go for a supplier that provides roof hatch ladders as well so that you can buy everything you need under one roof.

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How to Clean Steel Door Louvers?

Louvered steel doors have slats that are difficult to reach, and this characteristic makes them susceptible to collecting dirt and debris. Cleaning these louvers may seem like a laborious task, but you can make things easier by following these steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get your cleaning materials ready. Most of the cleaning can be easily done with the use of a soft-bristled paint brush. If you don’t have one, you can just use a sturdy ruler instead. Wrap one of its ends with a rag (or a sock that you no longer use) and use a rubber band to secure the cloth or rag in place. The other two materials that you will need are soap and water.
  1. The next step is to dust the steel door louvers clean with the dry paint brush. Sliding the bristles between each louver will help get off dust and debris from the inclined surfaces. Alternatively, you can use the ruler with cloth to do this step if you do not have the brush. Insert it between the louvers and drag it across each of them to remove dirt. The ruler + cloth method is going to take longer, but it is effective nonetheless.
  2. Next, create a water-and-soap solution to be used on the louvers. This will help remove the gunk, dirt, and grime that have built up on the slats. To use the solution, just dip your paint brush or ruler with cloth into the soap solution and wash the louvers with it. Focus on the areas that are noticeably dirty and make sure to drag the brush/ruler from edge to edge. If you don’t want to be dipping the paint brush into soapy water every now and then, you can just fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray it onto the louvers.Stainless Steel Door Vents by Amazing Doors & Hardware
  1. After you have soaped the louvers, you can then rinse them with clean water. Don’t pour water on your door. Instead, just dip the brush/ruler into the fresh water and run it on every slat.

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Points to be Kept in Mind While Replacing Door Lites?

A door lite helps add light and perhaps ventilation as well, and allows light and ventilation needs to be met. It can also give a particular space a bigger and brighter feeling. Some door lites come with interesting designs, and some even have an internal blind to enhance privacy. A door panel’s surround insert is composed of 3-pieces: the exterior molding, interior molding, and glass sandwich. Over the years, door lites may wear down and need to be replaced.

When replacing door lites, you have two options—either you replace the whole surround component (glass and frame), or you only replace the glass frame and reuse the original glass. There are four measurements that you must take note of when replacing door lites.

The required measurements are the following:

  • Glass size – Width and height of glass within surround (get the measurement of the entire glass and not just the visible part)
  • Glass thickness – Thickness of the glass sandwich
  • Tip to tip – Height and width of the outer edge of the rim
  • Cut-Out size: Width and height of cut-out in door

Replacing an existing door lite is a relatively easy task, although it can get a bit complicated if cutting into steel is required. If you don’t feel at ease using a jigsaw, it will be best if your hire the services of a professional. Also, remember to be extremely careful when handling glass. Here are the steps in replacing an existing door lite:

  1. Remove screws from the existing door lite trim. Remove the trim from both sides of the door and remove the glass as well. It’s best if you have someone on each side of the door so that the glass won’t slip.
  1. Insert the replacement door lite trim in one side’s opening. Next, insert the glass from the other side and put the other trim piece in place.
  1. Install the door lite with the screw holes inside. Cover the screw holes with cap covers for a finished look.

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The Benefits of Aluminum Access Hatches

Selecting to install a roof access hatch in a residential, commercial or industrial structure is an excellent way to enhance safety while providing greater convenience in the process. When only the best design will do, aluminum access hatches prove superior in most settings.

While galvanized steel roof access hatches may be required in some situations, aluminum access designs make sound choices in most circumstances. Aluminum access hatches deliver a number of benefits that property owners and those tasked with maintenance are likely to appreciate. They include:

•Lighter weight designs – when a heavy, fire-rated galvanized steel design isn’t required by code, aluminum makes the superior choice because of its lightweight nature. These hatches are tremendously sturdy, but are not difficult for users to open or close. Their lightweight design makes this type of roof access hatch perfect in most residential settings and in other applications. The lightweight, but water and airtight designs are also typically a little easier to install.

•Durable construction – aluminum alloy roof hatches are known for providing strength and durability. This material is tremendously resilient, which can ensure years of reliable use. When an investment is being made in a roof access hatch, ensuring performance that will last is important. Aluminum access hatches provide performance that can be relied upon.

•Ease of maintenance – aluminum alloy is highly rust and corrosion resistant. That means maintenance and upkeep requirements for an aluminum access hatch will not be intense or involved. Routine cleaning is generally all that is necessary to keep these hatches looking good and operating properly. Keeping up with hinges and other hardware can also help maintain these hatches for years of reliable use.

•The recyclability – aluminum is considered one of the greenest building metals. This material is fully recyclable, which means it is good for the environment since it doesn’t have to end up in a landfill when use is no longer required.

Aluminum access hatches provide a permanent solution for enabling safe, convenient entry onto a roof. This material tends to be the superior choice because of its durable, but lightweight nature. When a reliable solution for roof access is required, aluminum hatches deliver benefits in many settings.

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Find the Best Heavy Duty Double-Acting Spring Hinges

Making sure doors in commercial settings receive the hardware support required is critical for ensuring longevity of this pricey investment. When foot traffic patterns demand that doors open in both directions with ease and then close smoothly on their own, double acting spring hinges will be a must. Cutting corners on this purchase, however, can result in poor performance and improper support. That makes selecting the best heavy duty double-acting spring hinges an absolute must.

Double acting spring hinges are a distinct design often found in commercial and industrial settings. Not typically used in residential settings, these hinges are meant to enable doors to open with ease at a 90-degree angle in either direction. The spring action provided by this hinge design is meant to enable the door to close on its own, smoothly and automatically.

Since double-acting spring hinges are commonly used with heavy duty commercial and industrial door designs, performance and strength matter when selecting this hardware. To find the best heavy duty double-acting spring hinges, be sure to look for:

•Steel construction – this metal is preferred for double-acting spring hinges because doors that mount to the hinges are typically heavier than those found in home settings. Large, commercial doors simply demand the strength and durability only steel can provide.

•Sizing requirements – when picking out double-acting spring hinges for a particular door, be sure to know the door size and weight involved. These factors will be necessary to ensure proper hinge size is selected to ensure reliable performance and necessary strength and support.

•Tension adjustment ability – adjustable spring tension is an absolute must if having the ability to control the speed and power of closing is desired. This can be a very important consideration when doors that close too fast or too powerfully would pose safety concerns for users.

Heavy duty double-acting spring hinges provide the opening and closing options required in many commercial and industrial settings. To make sure the investment in doors is safeguarded with the right hardware for mounting, be sure to insist upon quality hinges. The best offer the strength of steel, the proper sizing for the door being installed and the freedom to adjust automatic closing speed and strength.

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Roof Access Hatches – The Most Suitable Product for Your Access Needs

Having fast, easy and safe access to a roof is important in many settings. Homes with flat roofs, for example, may require routine maintenance on a more regular basis to prevent a buildup of leaves and other debris that may be hazardous to fire. In commercial and industrial settings, roofs often serve as storage areas for heavy equipment, such as HVAC components. Gaining access to the roof via a ladder or other temporary measure, however, can be dangerous. Roof access hatches provide a permanent alternative that is safer, more convenient and permanent.

Roof access hatches are uniquely designed insets that are meant to be installed to provide easy pass-through from a roof area to a room below and vice versa. Also called floor doors, this permanent access solution is the most suitable product for access needs for these reasons and more:

•The enhanced safety provided – outside ladder structures placed against a home or commercial building’s wall to gain access to the roof are simply unsafe. When a roof access hatch is used instead, entry onto the roof is provided from a building’s uppermost level. The ladder or climbing mechanism used in conjunction with a hatch is safely secured inside the building. This eliminates a high climb and enhances safety in the process.

•The convenience delivered – when access to a roof is needed on a regular basis, roof access hatches that are already in place simply lend convenience to the prospect. Since hatches are available in a variety of sizes, it is also possible to use this type of access device to help transform a flat roof into a recreational area.
Homeowners with flat roofs, for example, may choose to transform this space into an outdoor sitting area. Roof access hatches provide a great way to make gaining entry to this location convenient.

•The low-maintenance requirements – Aluminum roof access hatches are designed to provide watertight barriers between the roof and the structure below. This eliminates concerns about leaks and damaging a roof’s integrity. What’s more, this material is known to be rust resistant and requires only a little bit of care to maintain its appearance.

Roof access hatches provide a permanent solution for access that is safe, convenient and practical. When gaining entry onto a roof on a routine basis is necessary, this special structure is the best product to meet the requirement.

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Selecting an Aluminum Access Hatch that meets your need

Access hatches have become one of the many standard features atop residence and offices, offering safe access to the rooftop. Gaining access to the roof is important for one of many reasons, including maintenance. It is important to choose the right access hatch to ensure security, while permitting occupants to easily reach the roof without having to be acrobatic. Aluminum access hatches are the preferred choice due to its durability and exemplary finish. Here is how you could go about ticking off all the boxes to home with one that perfectly meets your requirement.

Gasket seal to keep water from seeping in

Aluminum hatches should have a snug fitting and proper gasket seal all around the contours of the access hatch. This will keep the water out from seeping into the space below. Ensure that the supplier specifically displays the nature of gasket sealing. It is important to note that in the absence of any clear and overt statement from the manufacturer regarding the sealing you would have no idea about it. The specs should clearly state about the sealing design and its effectiveness.

The opening and closing mechanism

You really would not be amused figuring out a way to get in or out through the hatch if you found it difficult to open the hatch. Steel compression springs in the assembly ensure that it is easy to open and close. Heaving and puffing your way every time you open it is not a very welcome act. Reputed manufacturers offer access hatches that are a breeze to open, while remaining secure from unauthorized entry. Another important aspect is the need for an option to keep the access held open by a mechanical arm.

Tamper proof design and strong build

Aluminum access hatches have to be tamper proof. There really is no compromise on this aspect, no two ways of going about it.  The hinges need to be tamper proof, in addition to the padlocking mechanism.  One of weak links in access hatches with poor design could be the hinges. Therefore, the design should be secure enough to render tampering unsuccessful.

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