What Do You Mean by Door Lite Inserts?

Door lite inserts are decorative panels that add light and sometimes, ventilation to doors. They create an airier and brighter feeling in homes and they are used to create focal accents and customize entryways to a home owner’s liking. Whether you are shopping for a new main door or a patio door, knowing your way around different types of doors available in the market is important so you can make an informed decision as you browse through your options online. Here are some important things you should definitely know when shopping for doors and door lite inserts:

  • Doors can be classified according to the way they open and the location of their hinges. Inswing doors are doors that open in, while outswing doors are doors that open out. Left hand doors hinge on the left, while right hand doors hinge on the right when viewed from the exterior of the house.
  • Glass door accents are commonly referred to as lites. They are glass panes that fit into the door as decorative or functional additions. Divided lite are panes of glass that appear to be or actually are divided into various sections. Grilles on the other hand are wooden, plastic, or metal assemblies that give the divided appearance to door lites. Caming is the term used for the strips used to join segmented glass in a door lite.
  • When customizing your door, choosing the right type of decorative glass is important to achieve the effect that you desire. Most door lites use insulated glass to ensure energy efficiency, but for decorative purposes, you may need to choose from stained, silk screened, or beveled glass, depending on the design you are going for. Glass door lites can either be one continuous lite or grilled, which create the appearance of several separate lites.

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Major Applications of Double Acting Pivot Hinge

Door hinges are more than just mechanical bearings that connect doors to the door frame. In fact, they come in a variety of types, designed to hold up and make different kinds of doors work. The double acting pivot hinge is mainly used on swinging doors, helping them open and shut ever so smoothly. When it comes to selecting the best hinge for your application, the quality of the metal used is just as critical to consider as the actual mechanism of the hinge. They are also made so that they can provide support and at the same time maintain an attractive finish. Double acting pivot hinges are primarily designed for heavy swinging doors, but various door applications may require specific types of double acting pivot hinges to ensure effortless weight control and handling, and high precision:

  • Mortised double acting hinged pivots are preferred for applications when lesser movement of the hinge is required. These hinges are cut to the exact size to ensure a snug fit into the door recess. This allows for less jarring movements and shock, which adds to the door’s life and helps maintain smooth movement for a longer period of time.
  • Double acting pivot hinges are also ideal for supporting double handed and self-closing doors. They are especially useful in high-traffic situations where large number of people require easy entry to an establishment. High speed and constant foot traffic often calls for self-shutting doors that close automatically. The double acting pivot hinge allows for this heavy-duty action and ensures smooth movement so that the door does not slam shut every time people would pass by.
  • Heavy weight doors need proper support so they can provide the level of protection that is expected out of them. Main doors that lead into homes, offices, and commercial spaces are sometimes as heavy as 75 pounds. The wrong type of hinge cannot provide proper support that this kind of weight needs. Double acting pivot hinges are made specifically for heavy weight swinging doors and are rated not to break and groan under heavy load. They can effortlessly take the weight and make heavy doors swing back and forth smoothly without squeaks and screeches.
  • Double acting pivot hinges are also designed for applications that may require spring tension reactivation. They include reactivation mechanisms that allow users to adjust spring tension to maintain the smooth function of the accessory. These adjustable hinges are especially useful in doors that automatically shut.

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Know About the Different Types of Floor Access Panels

Floor access panels are designed to provide easier and safer entry to the roof level of a building when a stairwell leading up and out is not available. These hatches may also be used in addition to stairs in larger settings where multiple entry and egress points are desired. Often necessary for routine building maintenance and upkeep when any mechanical equipment is housed on a roof, floor access panels must be selected and installed with care to ensure the structural integrity of the building. Buyers, however, will find there are several basic types available, which means careful consideration should go into the selection.

Floor access panels are typically available in these types:

  • Aluminum – This roof access hatch design is one of the most commonly used in many settings. Aluminum is often preferred because of its overall durability and its rust and corrosion resistance qualities. Easy to care for and sturdy by design, an aluminum floor access panel may be suitable for use in residential and some commercial and industrial settings.
  • Galvanized steel – In some settings, galvanized steel may be required as a matter of code. This material is sometimes favored because of its inherent strength and its ability to stay a little cooler than aluminum, which enables it to conserve energy.
  • Hurricane-rated hatches – In some regions, a hatch that is rated to withstand hurricane-force winds might provide the best choice. Combining the ease of access of an ordinary hatch with a more rigid design, this higher-end solution is designed to perform in the harshest of conditions.
  • Panels with additional safety features – Floor access panels may also be purchased in galvanized or aluminum styles with extra safety features built in. Safety railings, for example, and warning lights that signal when a hatch has been left open can be important considerations.

A floor access hatch provides for fast, safe access from a building’s uppermost level to its roof. When selecting a hatch for installation, be sure to understand what qualities are best suited for the intended application and what might be required as a matter of building code. Whether aluminum or galvanized, properly constructed hatches are designed to enable access without compromising safety or building integrity in the process.

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A Few Innovative Applications for a Heavy Duty Continuous Hinge

Selecting the right hardware to finish a project can be as important, and sometimes even more so, than every step that went before. After all, if the hinges, bolts, nuts and other materials don’t provide the proper action and support, durability and performance cannot be assured. This is why heavy duty continuous hinges are selected for use in a variety of unique applications.

Also known as piano hinges, heavy duty continuous hinges are designed to run the full length of an item, such as a door. Providing a simple straight hinge that has two even sides, this type of hardware is favored in many applications for its ability to more evenly distribute weight and stress in a precise and uniform fashion. Created in lengths that may run up to six feet or more, this type of hinge can accommodate a diversity of needs.

Heavy duty continuous hinges are designed to provide smooth opening and closing functioning for heavy items when precision is a must and so is protection of delicate items. Often used, as their secondary name suggests, for enabling the opening and closing of piano lids, this type of hinge has many other applications. A heavy duty continuous hinge can also be the ideal hardware for use on:

  • Barn or garage doors that are meant to swing – Oversized, heavy doors often require a proper distribution of weight and stress to ensure a high level of performance. Heavy duty continuous hinges deliver the action required for barns and other places where doors will extend above average height. They are also commonly used for warehouse and blast doors.
  • Chests and toolboxes – When the tension of a piano lid is required for a storage chest, tool box or other item likely to be opened and closed frequently, heavy duty continuous hinges may provide the support necessary.

Selecting the right hardware for a job is important for ensuring proper functioning and durability. Thanks to their ability to disburse weight and provide for smooth opening and closing of delicate, but heavy items like piano lids, continuous hinges make the ideal choice in many scenarios.

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Commercial Door Locksets – Why Are They Important

Safeguarding a commercial building from crime and unwanted access requires a smart plan. While security systems, alarms and surveillance cameras may all play a role, it’s wise to start with the basics. One of the keys to success lies in selecting commercial door locksets that are designed to withstand the potential overuse and abuse heavily trafficked areas face while creating a barrier that’s harder for criminals to breach.

Commercial door locksets are an important inclusion in any building’s security plan. These locksets, although they might appear similar to standard knobs, go above and beyond models meant for typical residential use. While the models, designs and features may vary, commercial door locksets do tend to share some common features. Selecting this grade lockset for businesses is important for these reasons and more:

The enhanced security provided – Standard residential locksets may look similar to some commercial designs, but the security features provided may differ. Commercial locks, for example, are likely to be made only with solid cast parts and not plastic inserts. This adds strength and durability to their designs, making it much more difficult for locksets to be broken or breached by would-be thieves. This locking mechanism also tends to offer enhanced security features.

The increased reliability – Commercial door locks are designed to withstand heavy use over long periods of time. Some commercial locks, for example, stand up to more than 4 million cycles or more in testing. This provides peace of mind thanks to reliability that can be counted on.

The ability to secure a diversity of spaces – Commercial door locksets are available in designs meant for both exterior and interior doors. This can be very important in commercial settings where it is critical to keep certain areas off limits to customers or clients. Since many commercial locksets offer attractive appearances, this grade works well in interior spaces where aesthetics matter.

Making sure a commercial space is properly secured demands attention to detail. While security systems, alarms and cameras may be critical, it’s important to not overlook the basics. Commercial door locksets serve as the foundation for building security inside and out.

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Electric Door Lock Installation and Benefits

Electric door locks are modern upgrades to standard lock-and-key security measures for doors. Although most commonly associated with commercial and industrial businesses that get a lot of traffic and may require tighter security as a result, these locks are also perfect for those seeking to create “smart homes.” The primary difference between standard locking mechanisms and electric ones lies in the latter’s use of codes and a keypad or security cards to provide entry, essentially eliminating the need for a key.

Electric door lock installation generally involves exterior doors, but these locks may also be used to secure access points within a building. Generally, installation calls for a professional since a power supply may be needed. Offline door locks that draw power from a battery, however, may offer the ideal solution in some situations.

Making the choice to forge ahead with electric door lock installation can deliver many benefits. The extent of benefits will depend on the model selected and the features it offers. In general, this type of locking mechanism provides these advantages:

Ability to enjoy keyless entry – In commercial and industrial settings where employees must use keys to gain access to entry points and restricted areas, the situation is less than ideal. Keys are easily lost and are often a source of concern after employees leave a firm. Electric door lock codes, however, can be reprogrammed when employees leave or security is a concern.

Ability to enhance safety – Depending on the electric door lock selected, the design may be programmed to work in conjunction with a building’s security system. Fail-safe locks, for example, allow people to exit through normally secured doors if a fire alarm has been pulled or a power outage occurred.

Ability to enjoy remote access – Electric door lock designs do vary but all offer their own security benefits. Some locks, for example, are integrated with smartphones, which means property owners may lock or unlock them remotely using a special app.

Electric door locks provide enhanced security while enabling business and homeowners to do away with the need to constantly re-key or replace locks when breaches are a concern. Installation may be best left up to professionals to ensure proper functionality.

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The Benefits of Aluminum Access Hatches

Selecting to install a roof access hatch in a residential, commercial or industrial structure is an excellent way to enhance safety while providing greater convenience in the process. When only the best design will do, aluminum access hatches prove superior in most settings.

While galvanized steel roof access hatches may be required in some situations, aluminum access designs make sound choices in most circumstances. Aluminum access hatches deliver a number of benefits that property owners and those tasked with maintenance are likely to appreciate. They include:

•Lighter weight designs – when a heavy, fire-rated galvanized steel design isn’t required by code, aluminum makes the superior choice because of its lightweight nature. These hatches are tremendously sturdy, but are not difficult for users to open or close. Their lightweight design makes this type of roof access hatch perfect in most residential settings and in other applications. The lightweight, but water and airtight designs are also typically a little easier to install.

•Durable construction – aluminum alloy roof hatches are known for providing strength and durability. This material is tremendously resilient, which can ensure years of reliable use. When an investment is being made in a roof access hatch, ensuring performance that will last is important. Aluminum access hatches provide performance that can be relied upon.

•Ease of maintenance – aluminum alloy is highly rust and corrosion resistant. That means maintenance and upkeep requirements for an aluminum access hatch will not be intense or involved. Routine cleaning is generally all that is necessary to keep these hatches looking good and operating properly. Keeping up with hinges and other hardware can also help maintain these hatches for years of reliable use.

•The recyclability – aluminum is considered one of the greenest building metals. This material is fully recyclable, which means it is good for the environment since it doesn’t have to end up in a landfill when use is no longer required.

Aluminum access hatches provide a permanent solution for enabling safe, convenient entry onto a roof. This material tends to be the superior choice because of its durable, but lightweight nature. When a reliable solution for roof access is required, aluminum hatches deliver benefits in many settings.

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