Benefits & Uses of an Aluminum Access Hatch

Roof hatches offer convenient and safe options to access rooftops. The use of an access hatch will dispense with the need for a security door and stairway to gain access to the roof. A simple installation of the hatch will give easy access to the roof in a safe manner. The curb height of hatches will prevent the seepage of water or snow onto the interiors. We take a quick look at the uses and the benefits of aluminum access hatches. 

Aluminum as a material offers distinct advantages

The choice of an aluminum access hatch has great benefits. Aluminum can withstand the vagaries of nature offering greater life to the hatch. Galvanized material improves corrosion resistance of aluminum, which translates into longer life despite the onslaught of nature. Aluminum has the distinct advantage of being relatively light in weight while being sturdy and safe. Hatches need to be safe to prevent unauthorized entry, and aluminum is the material of choice due to its strong build. 

Insulation and warranty

Aluminum hatches from reputed manufacturers offer great thermal insulation. This ensures that the climate in the interiors that is maintained through HVAC, will remain unaffected by changes outside the hatch. Manufacturers design the aluminum access hatches with the right curb height to ensure greater protection to interiors from climatic conditions outside the premises. Additionally, the warranty offered by reputed manufactures is an assurance of trouble free possession. 

Ease of installation

The installation of an access hatch is relatively simple, compared to the need for a door and stairway to access the terrace. Aluminum access hatches offer greater security to the occupants of the premises, in addition to being a cost effective manner to reach the terrace. It is vital that occupants have convenient access to the terrace for maintenance or other activities.

Aluminum hatches offer a secure way to access the roof from the interiors of a premise. This offers greater privacy and security through robust locks and latches. Most of the renowned models available offer single hand operation for convenience and quick access for the occupants.

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Bommer Hinges – How to Install New Ones

One of the most renowned names in hinges, Bommer manufactures the entire range of hinges used in all types of doors. Popular for precision engineering and quality of materials that are guaranteed to last long, Bommer hinges offer a finish that helps lift the overall look of the door and frame combination.  Highlighted below are some of the features and models of Bommer hinges, which make it a trusted mechanism on doors.

Spring hinges for precision alignment and heavy duty cycle

With a Bommer spring hinge, users can be assured of a long lasting mechanism, expected to last more than one million cycles.  Certified as Grade 1, these hinges are made of the finest materials, with a level of precision that ensures perfect alignment of the pivot point with the butt. This is probably one of the most important aspects of the spring hinge. The whole mechanism is thoughtfully made available with adjustable tools, locking pins and screws etc.  The mechanism permits the user to preset the speed of movement of self-closure of the door.

Pivot hinges with superior brass finish for elegance

Some doors open only inwards or outwards, while others swing in both directions. Each has its own segment of use. Doors that are non-handed, and swing in both directions are convenient to use in locations like lavatories or gate doors, or in locations with quick movement.  Bommer pivot hinges are mounted on the door jamb and afford smooth, seamless movement.  Supporting a weight of around 50 lbs, for doors that are around 30 inches wide, these pivot hinges will operate trouble for long. The full kit includes high quality bolts for the jam bracket.

Traditional Use of hinges with high reliability

Butt hinges are the traditional hinges found in most doors, especially in residences, where the door opens only one way. Generally consisting of the usual five knuckle and button design, these hinges are manufactured from high quality steel. Available with matching high quality steel screws, and fitted with a superior pin, these hinges are certified and conform to the highest standards.  When the choice is for installation of a cost effective and durable option, these butt hinges will be a good choice.

Bommer manufactures hinges are available in different models of mechanisms to suit every need. The best materials in combination with precision engineering and high standards give an assurance of effortless, and smooth functioning with a prolonged duty cycle.

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Some Important Facts About Double Acting Pivot Hinges

Working in tandem, a pair of double acting pivot hinges control the opening and closing of doors with smooth precision. Devoid of jerking movements or jarring noises, these hinges are sturdy and have come to slowly replace door closers.  This quick preview of double acting pivot hinges will give a fair idea of about the hinges and how they add value to residences and offices.

Double swing action to permit free ingress and egress

The double swing action of pivot hinges permit the doors to be opened in both directions.  This permits free movement of individuals in areas where footfall is heavy and quick. Doors that open on one side will severely restrict movements’. The pivot hinges open and close smoothly and at reasonable speeds without creating the fear of doors slamming onto individuals.

Hinges with flexible options of surface, mortise and box models

The pivot hinges can be installed on doors and floors with flexible options such as surface pivots, mortise pivots and box models.  The different options permit installation in different surfaces. The combination is available in brass, steel and chrome plating.  All models exercise greater control over the doors because of the strong and sturdy installation.

Non handed to facilitate flexible installation on doors

By virtue of being pivot hinges, they can be installed on doors that are both left handed and right handed. This flexibility helps easy installation, without having to make suitable adjustments, because hinges that are designed for installation on doors that open on particular sides call for careful installation.

Concealed from view to blend with door and jamb

The hinges are installed in such a manner so as not to be obtrusive or conspicuous. They melt into the surroundings while performing smooth and seamless actions in facilitating the ingress and egress through doors.  When the hinges come in view and are observed, the color and finish lend an aesthetic look.

Universal and elegant colors to match themes

The pivot hinges are manufactured in colors that are universal and elegant to match all themes. They are also primed to accept any colors to meet specific color requirements. The material and the finish combine to offer a visually appealing factory finish.

Double acting pivot hinges are sturdy components in homes, giving doors smooth movements over extended period of time.  These marvels showcase the advances in precision engineering.

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Install Effective Steel Door Louvers to protect your house

Security is of primary concern to residents globally. Break-ins have been attempted in locations that are considered the most safe. It is essential to have in place robust and failsafe measures to prevent forced entry or intrusions into privacy. Steel Door Louvers and Jalousies combine form with function in the most esthetic way to offer greater privacy and security. Aiding in circulation and ventilation, louvers are the perfect defense against insects and inclement weather. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of steel door louvers.

Fitment from the inside – highly secure and visually appealing

All security fitments in a residence should ideally have an esthetic appeal. Steel door louvers have the fitments from the inside giving them a smooth finish on the outside. Additionally, this prevents vandals from trying to access or tamper with the louvers. The spacing between the blades is carefully designed to aid circulation of air and to allow light to fill the interiors.

Combine with security grille

For residents who apprehend attempted break-ins, the door louvers can be combined with a high gauge security grille. This increases the safety manifold. The positioning of the grille, the spaces between the blades, and the materials that go into the louvers make them sturdy and robust. The sizes are thoughtfully designed to permit the creation of a larger size, through the installation of many smaller sized louvers. For special sizes, customized louver doors need to be ordered to ensure a perfect fit.

Superior finish and combination with screens

The finish of doors, windows and ventilators need to go with the décor of the building. Steel door louvers have great finishes, offering an extensive range of stock colors. This permits the door louvers to blend with the interiors in a manner that will elevate the appearance. They can be combined with screens to keep out insects or small birds that can sometimes mess up residences through panic flying. The availability of screens in various colors help to get the perfect match.

Steel door louvers are marvels of fabrication and design. The absence of fasteners or screws on the outside enhance security and appearance. The corners that are mitered, welded and finished with superb powder coating lend a pleasing angular beauty to the doors. The air flow into the interiors generally stand at a health 50 to 60%. This ventilation and circulation of healthy to the residents, taking out the stale air, while infusing fresh clean air.

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Importance of Installing Security Louvers on Your Door

Louvers used to be preferred decades ago to add some personality to a door. They did not just serve a practical purpose – they also looked great with the overall decor of the house. The trend slowly faded away until recently when louvered doors became all the rage again.

These days, new homeowners are getting doors with small or full-size louvers installed on them. People renovating their homes are also getting louvered doors installed with color-coordinated hinges in their homes.

Louvers serve the primary purpose of ventilating an area where they are installed whether it is on the windows or doors. Closets, bathrooms or the entrance all can be fitted with louvered doors. They provide fresh air while throwing out the stale air from the area. Stale air can make the closet and its contents develop a foul smell. Because of humidity germs also flourish in such environment. Security louvers are especially useful in keeping closets and storage rooms properly ventilated since the doors to these are kept shut for the most part of the day.

Louvers are also useful on the bathroom doors and windows since they can help keep the privacy of the user while also circulating fresh air. For entrance, louvered doors can help save you from the prying eyes of the outsiders and still bring in fresh air and light, simultaneously. Most louvered doors of today are easy to clean and maintain as well.

You can also get screens and mesh installed on one side of the louvers to stop insects and pests from entering the space between the louvers. Double louvered doors offer the best security and can act as a shield against weather, insects, small birds and animals, and even force-entry attempts.

Louvered doors are perfect for the modern homes. They look great with any type of decor and add some personality to the house in addition to serving a need. Made out of strong materials, louvered doors of today are not easy to break in; most of them are made to resist forced entry. Added security options such as screens and mesh can help you keep you even safer inside your house.

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Why People Choose Roof Access Hatches on Priority

Roof access hatches are used in common households to access the roof top for various purposes. They are generally installed on the flat or sloped rooftops for better access to the roof. For any purpose, the access to the roof of your home is always better from the inside rather than using a ladder from outside. You can easily see different types of roof access hatches in around your block. The size and specifications of the roof access hatches depend on your budget and personal choice, but one surely cannot deny their importance.

Some major reasons for choosing roof access hatches on priority are mentioned here.

  • Maintenance: Roof access hatches become highly important when it comes to the maintenance of your rooftop. For an instance, if the tiles on your roof are damaged because of hailstorm or adverse weather conditions, you can call the repair service providers and ensure proper maintenance of your damaged roof through roof access hatch. If you need some wired connections that are likely to go through up top, then roof access hatches provide you easy access.
  • Cleaning: In the rainy season, mold and algae tend to deposit in the u-shaped drains coming from your roof. In winters, snow is deposited on your roof putting extra load on your rooftop. Through roof access hatches you can easily clean the drains ensuring the rain water flows smoothly through them and also removing the snow stuck at the mouth of the drains. 
  • Use with Attic: Installing roof access hatches with the attic is a great idea to turn your attic into a small room that can be used in case of a need. Roof hatches serve as a window that allows fresh air and sunlight enter the attic, and makes it a livable place. Many kids like to spend time in the attic and with roof access hatches you can be assured that your kids are spending time at a place that is properly ventilated.

Roof access hatches are very helpful to provide easy access to the roof for different needs. You can go for insulated frames to minimize heat transfer between the internal and external metal surfaces. Depending on your requirements, you can go for a smaller or larger roof access hatch than the standard size. They can also be installed with a glass on top to make them act as a skylight. Put in a good locking system to keep your home or office secure from possible intruders.

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In commercial and industrial establishments where the footfall is heavy, there arise many maintenance issues. One of these issues are door hinges that frequently fall prey to the high circulation volumes that these establishments deal with each day. Keeping this in mind, using suitable door hinges that are designed to handle a large amount of door swings each day can be the solution. Modern, double acting spring hinges are just the right thing for your door.

Double acting spring hinges are the kind of hinges that allow a door to swing both ways when pushed, and then bring it back to the “closed” position. Think of the saloon doors you may have seen in many Hollywood movies, where the cowboys come bursting into the bar. Those swinging doors behind the cowboy are able to do so because of double acting spring hinges.

Consider a busy restaurant where there is a lot of activity to and from the kitchen. Opening and closing the kitchen door frequently may result in wearing out of the hinges. Installing double acting spring hinges here will ensure that there is lesser effort on your part, and the hinges are preserved for longer. These hinges keep the door functioning as it should for a longer period of time. Such hinges also function as a deterrent to animals from entering a premise, without restricting human entry. While humans can easily push open a door with such hinges, it is difficult for animals to do so.

If you are thinking of opening a café or another such commercial establishment, consider hanging on to the modern double acting spring hinges for your doors.

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